Saturday, August 06, 2016

The right decision

The first time I saw the bulldog three weeks ago as he peered through our great-room windows, he looked like death eating a cracker, to use a tired old phrase. His tongue was lolled out from thirst, and it was obvious he hadn't eaten in a while because you could count his ribs.  

It was unclear those first few days whether he would survive. He'd obviously been mistreated, I knew he had health issues...and he was deaf.

Jilda and I both struggled with the question of whether or not putting him down might be the kinder path. But there was something in his eyes. 

When we took him to the vet, they returned with a litany of ailments. The thing was, most of the maladies were treatable. I gave them the go ahead and my debit card. 

When I went the next day, he was woozy from the neuter surgery, but he was happy to see me. Getting him in the truck was like trying help a drunk into a bucket seat.

On the ride home, he laid his head in my lap and looked up at me as if to say, "I forgive you, but I will miss the boys."

He's been on antibiotics, heartworm meds, and drops to clear up an ear infection all week. He's gained eight pounds in seven days. 

I fretted that he wouldn't fit in with the other two dogs but they act as if they've been lifetime friends. 

Sitting outside this afternoon after our walk, Jilda snapped a picture of me and Ol' Hook.  I'm glad we decided to keep him.


  1. He is going to be a great dog.

    I smell a book.

    1. Funny you should mention that.

  2. Ol' Hook knows he has lost some things, but he also knows he won the lottery. One of our Grand dogs is a Bull, Janie, and she is deaf like her grandpa. WE get along great.

    You and that wife of yours are the good guys!

  3. Looks like the start of a beautiful friendship!!

  4. This is the sort of stuff that grows lumps in folks' throats. I'm so glad y'all are there for Hook!

  5. Not that you needed them, but you've earned even more Heaven points by rescuing this poor creature and giving him a home.

  6. Just reading this act of kindness makes my eyes fill with tears. I'm so happy you gave him a chance and a loving home.

  7. This just shows how special both of you are to save this great dog. He is just happy now and he will be happy chasing after balls you throw for him rather than the balls he used to lick.

  8. Rick I am so glad to see he is fitting in with the family... it's nice to hear a good story like this xox

  9. My heart is swollen with this wonderful saga. It was meant that Hook should find you.

  10. Very moving story!

  11. Nice post dear! Happy weekend «««

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  12. Thank you for saving this baby. You definitely made the right decision.

  13. Thank you for saving this baby. You definitely made the right decision.

  14. A heart-warming story. That dog stumbled upon the right house!

  15. How wonderful and thank you on behalf of Hook. Is he totally deaf or was it just the ear infection? I am so glad he is recovering.

  16. I too want to thank you on behalf of Hook and all dogs like him.
    You are a lovely couple for taking him in. There are far too many sad dogs who’ve lost their homes because people are cruel and now there’s one more who’s made it to safety.

  17. You guys are the best. Hook is a lucky boy to have found the right home. I know how expensive and heart wrenching pets can be but the love he obviously has for you is a great reward. Good health to Hook! Love the pic!

  18. He is going to love living with you

  19. He found HOME...
    Great story!


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