Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Falling rain good for autumn leaves

The last few weeks of August were hot and dry as tinder. I worried that the lack of rain in the forecast would cause our fall foliage to be nonexistent.

It turns out, my tropical storm forecast wasn't far off the mark. The rain that was supposed to miss us here and move off to the west, but I had a feeling that the storm would come up the river in Mobile. I was close.

Sometime after midnight, the rain droning on the roof brought me almost to consciousness. I didn't wake up all the way, but I woke enough to know that it was raining. I slept even deeper for the rest of the night.

This morning, as I stood at the window making our morning coffee I could see an old slow rain falling. The earth seemed to be rejoicing. I'll probably have to pay someone to cut my grass one more time, but that's a small price to pay for a beautiful autumn.

I shot this picture of the sweet gum tree in our backyard a few years ago.


  1. It's been super hot up here for this time of year but rain is promised and falling temps too. I'm ready. Hot and humid don't thrill me! I hope you're safe down there with the storms that hit this time of year. Take care!

  2. I think you need to be teaching that grand nephew to mow the grass.

  3. I am sure the earth smiles at gentle rain. And I can think of few things which are more soporific.

  4. There are some wonderful songs and lyrics on falling rain and autumn leaves; the french ones are the most famous, and there are some good english versions sung by great performers.

  5. We have been extremely hot here for more than a few days and last night and this morning the rain has moved in and will cool us off. We have had regular rain, but this one is bringing cooler temps our way. Rain is a blessing and fall colors reflect the beauty of summer in the brilliant Autumn leaves.

  6. It is fortunate that you had tain that was much needed but no more.

  7. the leaves are beautiful! It would be wonderful to wake up to soft rain falling.

  8. I'm glad you save your photos--this one was gorgeous!!

  9. I envy you the sound of rain..... well until I realized yesterday that up in the 'house' the only way we could tell it was raining was to look out. Here in the motor home we can hear it, I like that. Hope that wheel is getting better and better.


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