Friday, January 07, 2011

Snow's a comin'

OK, even if we needed milk and bread, I wouldn't go buy it for fear of being taped by the local news team out filming snow-hysteria.
So many times the weather people get everybody all cranked up about an impending "snow event" and people run to the store to stock up on more stuff than they would ever need.
I'm beginning to think the weather people are in cahoots with Walmart and other large grocery stores and they smile all the way to the bank each time a cloud comes up in winter.
But, to be on the safe side, I went out today and tried to crank our generator. It hasn't been used since a hurricane swept through last year and blew our lights to South Carolina.
It's never let me down before but when I pulled the crank this morning, it wouldn't crank. I had a ton of errands to run today so I stopped by the parts store and picked up a few things that will hopefully get that puppy up and running.
I'm tempted to say - to heck with it but then I remember back in 93 when a "snow event" swept through Alabama and we didn't have power for almost a week. Our house was total electric then and we almost froze to death. Jilda's brother had gas heat and stove so we managed to have hot coffee and camp food.
As soon as the snow melted, we installed a fireplace and an infrared heater. We also installed a gas range.
We'll know more tomorrow about when, where, and how deep.


  1. We've been told in Kentucky we won't get any snow to amount to anything this week end, though when I got up I could see it flying around outside. I've plenty of what I need. In 1993 we got snowed in for 5 days but power and heat remained. In 2004 over Christmas was snowed in but didn't loose power. The ice of 2009 kept me in for 10 days but had power. I agree with you about the grocery and the news creating crazy times. I can made bread and dont' drink much milk, so I don't make a run to the store before storms.

    Good luck to ya'all. SMILE

  2. Yes, they are talking snow even here on the coast at Myrtle Beach. I thought I left that crap behind when we moved from CT 3 years ago. This stinks. But one things for sure. It won't last long and I can take 45-50 degree winters anyday. Good luck and if you really need bread and milk, go to the Circle K or Kangaroo incognito! haha

  3. Oh panic buying is bizarre!! I so try and not get caught up in it because it's silly!! It's like the days running up to Christmas day. I feel like shouting out "people you will not starve -stop queueing up outside the grocery store at 8am when it opens at 9!". LOL!!

    Good luck with your generator and the weather!! Please take care, stay safe and warm too! x

  4. Did you check the gas in the generator? K

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  6. from the looks of the weather map, it's a biggie.

  7. People tend to panic here in NC as well. I do hope we get some snow on Monday though.

  8. As God is my witness I'll never be cold again.

    Have gas logs, gas cooktop, but alas no generator.

  9. we are even expecting 1-3 inches. along with rain and below freezing temps, which means that deadly ice. Yuck. I'm set, but I do wish Ornery was home--he's in Wichita for the week. :(


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