Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun Flower

It's not hard to guess why these flowers are called sunflowers. They look like a tiny petaled sun here on earth.
Vincent Van Gogh captured sunflowers and one of them is housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
But I've also seen them in arrangements at exclusive restaurants, and in weddings. Jilda often uses them in arrangements here at the farm. 
 I wish I could paint, but that's a medium I've never explored. But I can snap a photo with my trusty phone.


  1. You know, life is for learning and everything you paint is art.
    There is no such thing as bad art.
    I love sunflowers I could have a yard of them looking at me. lol
    You are lucky to live on a farm.

  2. I am a major Van Gogh fan. My favorite is Starry Night.


  3. Anonymous11:43 PM

    I love sunflowers! They always look so happy. I enjoyed the picture, keep snapping!

  4. Anonymous12:35 AM

    And you do know how to click a pretty picture :) Love sunflowers! Such a bright bit of happiness :)

  5. A beautiful snapshot for this morning; a cheerful sunflower! Have
    a great weekend!

  6. I so love these flowers!

  7. Love sunflowers, when I am feeling down I imagine myself in the middle of a field full of sunflowers how can you not smile a that vision.

  8. they're lots of punch in a room when i style a magazine photo...i'll always remember the editor-in-chief telling me NEVER to use them in a photograph again because she HATED them...yes, ma'am :(

  9. Sunflowers are our favorite to grow. Every year we see if we can grow them higher than the year before.

    Ours won't bloom until September though...


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