Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lightening the Load

Today was treatment day for my lovely spouse. She gets her infusions in the same room as people with cancer and other maladies. For the most part, it's not a happy place.
Just before we left, she suggested that I take a box of books to give out to the patients in the treatment room.
I still have a few boxes left over from my first book, and since we are trying to de-clutter the homeplace, I thought that was an exceptional idea.
Even though she often feels like "death eating a cracker," when she goes for treatments, she's on a personal quest to raise the vibration level in the treatment room.
She acknowledges everyone, and talks to those who want to talk.
I usually leave her in the room, and head to the food court to write. Some of my best columns have been written there.
Today, I didn't get much writing done. I'd just settled in, and was pecking out the first few lines when I got a text - "Come when you can to sign two books."
I typed a few more lines and my phone vibrated again. "I need another books signed." I snapped the laptop closed and walked back across to the treatment room. When I walked in, I signed a half dozen books, and before we left, just after lunch, I'd signed a dozen more.
Jilda chatted with folks as if they'd know each other all their lives. People who have every right to be depressed, left the room smiling.
You might think I'm prejudiced, and perhaps I am, but I think my wife is a remarkable person. She's going through hard times herself, and yet she still does her best to help lighten the load of others.


  1. ok um, I think I have missed some information here. why is Jilda needing an infusion?

    My Mom had those while she was concluding her life due to elderly leukemia. I'm concerned.

    I'm glad she was thoughtful of you in getting you to bring your book to the place. What a nice woman you have there.

  2. Anonymous7:29 AM

    The best way to make yourself feel better is to lift someone else.

  3. I think she sounds pretty remarkable too. You don't say what the infusions are for, but I truly hope and pray they are helping her. My sister had to receive infusions for osteoparosis.

  4. Best of luck with the infusion. I know her strength and her spiritual wisdom are helping her a lot too. Not just the treatment.

  5. Jilda sounds like a great person and I don't think you're prejudice at all! I think she's found the real way to heal.


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