Thursday, September 06, 2012


Not all work is glamorous. Sometimes you’d rather have the enamel of your front teeth removed with a rasping file, than do the work on your calendar.
Today, I hitched up my big-boy underoos and dove in. By noon, I’d checked off most of the things on my list.
I think doing unpleasant things builds character. I feel sorry for those with money, who never have to deal with the minutia of life. 
“Yes, here’s $300, go have this colonoscopy for me, and the results had better be good!” 
I’ve been updating the design of one of the websites I maintain. I wasn’t adding exciting content, interviewing interesting people, or writing compelling profiles, I was chasing down dead links. Those annoying things buried deep within websites that pop up when visitors are digging the site, but then stumble on a link to get more info, and they are thrust into cyberhell. It's not fun work, but it has to be done.
I also received the final edits for my book from a high school English teacher, and a book editor. Combined they found at least 30 errors. I though the book was as tight as a Shakespeare Sonnet when in reality it had more holes than a Chinese Checkerboard.
I took a deep breath and dove in -- page by page, and fixed all the issues. I’m at the point now that I’m sending it off and praying for the best.
Tonight, I’m about to brew a cup of sleepy-time tea and with any luck, I’ll soon be drooling on my pillow.
Y’all have a remarkable Friday


  1. thank you!
    you ALWAYS make me chuckle.

  2. Happy drool to you...I'm headed there, too.

  3. Glad you got all these edits sorted!!! Well done you!! Take care

  4. I don't know which I would prefer: A colonoscopy or an indepth edit.

  5. Thanks and you too.
    Hope the colonoscopy went well too

  6. Love your self-deprecating sense of humor :)

  7. Glad to know that even an expert perfectionist has his moments and makes the rest of us feel normal!! Thank you!!


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