Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not One of those days

Some days you spin your wheels. You wake up with an agenda and every intention to kick names and take butt, then life happens, and you wind up at the end of the day with little to show for your effort.
Today was not one of those days.
 As I mentioned in last night's post, I was a slug for most of the day yesterday, but when my feet touched the floor this morning, I got traction.
I finished and submitted a column before the coffee pot stopped gurgling. My morning chores were dispatched post haste. 
I had breakfast, kissed the wife, and I was on the road with a go-cup of coffee and a full agenda.
I hauled a ton of old newspapers, old electronic equipment, and other debris that we've been tripping over for months, to the recycling place. Our county doesn't have any kind of recycling, so we have to make a conscience decision to do it. Sometimes it's a pain, but both of us are committed to trying to do what's right by the environment.
I left the recycling place and headed to an Alabama Media Professionals meeting. The guest speaker was from the communications department of Children's Hospital of Alabama. Her topic was how to freelance for their organization.
She had a lot of great tips, for the folks looking for work, but I'm doing about as much freelance work as I can handle now. 
After lunch, I met with my financial planner. He switched from one company to another and wanted to keep me as a client. 
He's been my planner for years, but I couldn't help having a little fun at his expense.
I asked him what would happen if he got hooked on crack cocaine and ran off with a 15 year-old cheerleader from Dolphin Island. 
He got that deer in the headlights looked and got all professional on me. "Well, any money that leaves your account has to be made out to you......."
I let his squirm for a while because I get my kicks in strange ways :) I was having fun, but I did want him to know that I do check.  
When I left there, I ran by a local high school and shot a photo for a story I wrote last week.
In between, appointments, I ordered new contacts, set up a dental appointment for Jilda and me, I arranged for a stone mason to come and give an estimate for a stone patio, I ordered lumber for a small remodeling project in our TV room, and I sent out invoices for work I've done this month.
Tomorrow, I think I'll sleep in.


  1. Holy cow, are you sure it was just a camera they put up your bum? Maybe it was a shot of adrenaline or a liter of red bull. Next time I have a colonoscopy I'll just say: "I'll take what he's having".

  2. Don't ya just love those productive days when you have had a slug of a day prior?

  3. Good one indeed. Whew.

    ps you need those days of rest too.

  4. Well sure have been a busy beaver today
    Good Job!!

  5. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Sounds like you're deserving of a sleep in.

  6. You have a warped and wicked sense of humour re: your financial adviser! LOL!!

    Take care


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