Friday, September 07, 2012

Out of the Dumps

I've been a little down today. It couldn't have been the weather because the sky was deep blue, with scattered cotton clouds that looked like smoke signals. But I felt almost displaced, if that makes sense.
Jilda normally doesn't work on Friday, but one of her co-workers wanted to be off, so she covered for him so he could spend some time with his young wife at the beach.
I had some work in Birmingham and headed home just after lunch. I had some writing to finish, so I put my laptop on the dining room table just to have a little change in venue.
After a while, I stood to stretch my legs. Stepping into the kitchen, I pulled a glass from the cabinet, and clinked some ice cubes into my glass. As I stood looking out the window toward the garden, I noticed a doe standing under the apple tree.
I sipped tea and watched the show for a few moments. Then at the far end of the garden I saw a tiny spotted fawn charging up toward the apple tree like its tail was on fire. He circled his mom a few times and then headed for the corn that I'd spread under the tree.
I stepped into the office to get my video camera and when I got back, a second fawn appeared. I think it was the same doe that had two fawns the year before last.
Somehow watching this critters lifted my spirits. I guess the Good Lord knew just what to send my way to get me out of the dumps.


  1. Yes indeed. Treasured moments. On video too.

  2. Anonymous3:36 AM

    A gift from the universe...glad you are feeling better.

  3. Sweet. That would lift my spirits too. It's funny how you can just be down for no apparent reason.

  4. HE does seem to know what we need doesn't he? I am glad that you are feeling better.

  5. What a pleasant way to get back on track in life. Have a peaceful, fun weekend!

  6. A simple sweet mercy. Love the fawn example.

  7. I just love that you know enough to appreciate these small moments. :)

  8. Dumps are always a good thing to be out of.

    Glad to hear it. :)


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