Friday, November 07, 2014

Evening pond

I had to pick up scripts at the local pharmacy today. I was working in my office on a project and had forgotten about them until Jilda called from the kitchen to remind me. "You should pick those up before it get's dark."

"Dang, I can't believe I forgot those earlier," I muttered to myself.  Grabbing my keys, and a bottle of water, I headed out.

There was a chill in the shade even thought the sun was alone in the sky and I was glad I'd worn warm clothes.  I had to pull my shades from above the visor before I reached the main road.

About a mile from the house I passed a field with two frolicking fawns playing like carefree children. I slowed, but there was a car coming up behind, so I snapped a mental picture..............................can you see it? I guess not, but it was worth a try.

I'd refilled the prescription using the drugstore app on my phone earlier in the day. I'd launched the app, scanned the barcode on my empty bottle, and the message popped up-- "Would you like to pick that up in Sumiton?"  Well yes, I would was my reply.

Pulling into the drive-through I snagged my meds, and was on the road in less than a minute. Did I mention that some technology is really neat?

Once out, I realized I needed gas, so I drove to the station and filled my tank at $2.76 a gallon which is still high, but beats $4 a gallon by....well by $1.24 cents.

the road less traveled seemed like the right road to take home. It's across a stretch of road that in places feels as if you're driving across the crest of the world. At one point it looks as if you could see California with suitable eye ware.

I passed a pond as the sun settled in the west. Slowing as I passed, I glanced in the rearview and thankfully no one was following so I coasted to a stop, and then backed up until I could frame the picture appropriately.

Snapping a few frames, I drove away smiling. I knew there was some underlying reason I'd conveniently forgotten to pick up the meds. I need a picture and a topic for tonight's blog.

I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. For everything, turn turn turn, there is a reason...
    Sounds like a productive trip. I wish I could figure a way to get a good post out of prescription.

  2. It all worked for you--& US!!

  3. I am proud for you technical geeks.(smile). Oh and I enjoyed both pictures, good stuff. I did enjoy the read. Thanks.

  4. I leave my scripts at the chemist and when they are due the chemist sends me a text message and they are ready when I get there I usually pick them up on Friday mornings when I go out to do my shopping

  5. You're such a techno guy, me? not so much lol.Wow, what a great sunset photo.

  6. What a beautiful picture! Sometimes things do happen for a reason, even though the reason may not be clear at first!


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