Sunday, November 02, 2014

Everything is relative

We had two small home-improvement projects planned. One was replacing the tile on the kitchen floor which we completed last week. The other was a small closet in the spare bedroom. We needed a place to store our luggage, and some other bulky belongings that took up precious space in our closets.

Today was the only day we could schedule our carpenter. The saws and hammers started around 8 a.m., and by noon we were so close to finishing we could smell the barn.

My knees were screaming from carrying loads of lumber and making no less that ten thousand trips up and down the stairs to the shed out back.

Deciding to take a short break, I sat at the wrought iron table on the deck to take a sip of sweet tea I'd left out there. The ice had melted a little, but it was still cold enough that condensation sweat beaded on the outside of the glass.

I took a slow sip. The sun felt warm on my aching knees. All of a sudden, I felt something move in my mouth.  Reaching in, my thumb and index finger clamped onto something. It didn't take an entomologists to realize it was a yellow jacket. All of a sudden my mouth was throbbing.

The little beast had stung the inside of my upper lip. As it wiggled on the banister, I smashed it flatter than an onion skin, and gave it a little twist for good measure.

The pain was exquisite.....for me I mean. I doubt the yellow jacket felt anything at that point.

The remarkable thing was, I no longer gave the pain in my knees much thought.

I guess it's true that everything is relative.


  1. I've heard we all swallow spiders while we're asleep. Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better about it!!

  2. This time of year the Yellow Jackets get extra nasty.

  3. What a revolting experience!
    Love the manner in which you executed him!

  4. At least you got your revenge.

  5. OUCH, My daddy said nothing cures a headache like a broken arm.

    I have been stung but NEVER inside the LIP, Boy I feel for you, that hurts me thinking about it. Hope the hurt QUITS and it doesn't swell so much you can't get sugar!

  6. I hope it's not too painful Rick... that sounds awful...

  7. Last thing you would expect in your sweet tea, man I bet that hurt.

  8. Ow!!! I guess 'yellow jacket' is what we'd call a wasp (no, not a W.A.S.P.). My mother used to carry an onion with her whenever we had a picnic. Apparently, onions reduce swelling. The idea was that if a wasp settled on our tasty treats and stung one of us in the mouth (or throat, which could have been very dangerous), we'd have to eat the onion. I'm glad to say the onion was never needed. It sounds like you were very lucky.

  9. A peril of sugared drinks outside. Happened to my niece, when she was eight or nine. On vacation in Boston, and we were scrabbling for ice on Boston Common.
    But, an extra closet will be very good.

  10. Ow. At least you didn't have an allergic reaction. That could be deadly.


  11. That's terrible...for me it would be deadly because I'm allergic to bees! Hope you feel better soon.

  12. This freaked me out...................and gave me the creeps..............just saying

  13. Oh my God - - - - I cannot even imagine how you must have suffered. I hope that you went to the ER right away and got better.
    Next time only see through drinks in a see though glass.

  14. Oh Jeez! What rotten luck. That's terrible. I prefer bees but we had a wasp nest where we parked our car and they always came out when they saw us but thank fully, they never bit.
    I had to get a hose and try to flood them away to find a new home.


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