Saturday, July 01, 2017

Reach for the sky

My head is full from the writer's conference this weekend. I filled a notebook with thoughts, ideas, and other helpful information. It will take a minute to copy and organize the notes into my journal. 

Then comes the phase where I try to internalize the pieces that are meaningful to the work I'm doing. Some people who attend these conferences, especially for the first time, have stars in their eyes. The dream of finding a literary agent, navigating the world of publication, and landing a huge book deal is appealing. The presenters always say up front that earning large sums of money selling books is not easy. But being hard doesn't make it impossible. 

I think everyone should dream big, but I also think everyone should take their shot. Jilda and I wrote a song with our friend Tracy Reynolds that has a verse which seems appropriate here.

Keep your feet on the ground as you reach for the sky
It's no sin to fail, less you fail to try
When bad seeds are planted, the harvest is thin
You can't fly like an eagle on the wings of a wren.

Again, the picture below has nothing do do with this post but it does have something to do with July 1. I shot it one year ago today.


  1. Excellent advice. I like the verse from the song.

  2. On my first book I learned a whole lot. I learned, as you mentioned yesterday, that I didn't know much about writing. I had been a profession story teller for many years. I learned very quickly it is hard to use hand motions, facial expressions and body English, when you write. LOL Good post.

  3. I LOVE your song verse!!

  4. What a beautiful butterfly. They can be very inspirational too.

  5. Those lyrics are great!

  6. The verse in your song is perfect, I like that.

  7. To be well grounded when we reach for the sky sounds like good advice.

    Lovely butterfly photo. This year I finally saw three swallowtail butterflies. Thanks for sending some our way. They must be on their way back.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. I also like those lyrics. Perhaps you could post a video of you singing it?


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