Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New chicken habitat

Several weeks ago we rebuilt the chicken house for my great-nephew Jordan's 4-H project. The chickens were still kind of small so the house gave them plenty of room.

During the last few weeks, those 16 birds have scarfed down over 200 pounds of starter-grower feed. I estimate that Jilda has tossed in a half-ton of basil, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon rine, and other treats.

They also get a head of cabbage and a cucumber as big as my forearm each time we go to the curb market.

Needless to say, they have grown.

When the County Extension agent came by last Friday he was impressed. The only problem is that now the chickens need more room.

On Sunday, I called our neighbor who is a carpenter and got on his schedule for today. He showed up early with his tool belt on and a cigarette dangling from his lip. He was ready to work.

I ran by the hardware store yesterday and purchased the lumber, wire and other items we'd need today.

We hit the ground running and within four hours, we completed 90 percent of the new pen. I'll have to put netting over the top to keep the owls and hawks out, but once that is done, we'll let the chicks stretch their legs in the new pen.

I've wanted to rebuild the chicken habitat since the storms decimated the area several years ago. I'd patched it up after the storms, but it wasn't secure and as a result, critters killed and ate most of our chickens.

With the new area, that won't be as easy as it was before. 

Below is a picture of Jordan filling in low areas in the pen before we stretched the new wire.


  1. Good deal. and I know the chicken lot (pen) will always be housing those wonderful egg producers. Eggs one of my favorite foods.

    Side note: we have honey awaiting us over here. Steve a nephew, started his bees around the time you did. I have did a couple favors for him over the years, never expecting anything, BUT the honey sounds great.
    Sherry and jack over in North Carolina

  2. Keep those chickens safe!

    Jordan's looks like a sleeping skunk, had to do a double take.

  3. Looking forward to an occasional photo as the chickens move in and thrive.

  4. Lucky chickens. I suspect they will thoroughly enjoy their new Taj Mahal.

  5. My grandparents raised chickens. I used to help fetch the eggs and play with the peeps. If my yard was big enough, I'd love to have some chickens.

  6. I am impressed at how Jordan is taking on responsibility of caring for these chickens. I can tell he is a good kid.

  7. That was quite an undertaking. Those chickens should grow to be large and healthy.

  8. Way to go, Jordan! Tom keeps threatening to rebuild son's coop, but they've only 2-3 remaining. My dad once raised chickens for his own 4H project!


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