Sunday, May 20, 2018


Our dance cards have been punched these last several weeks. We had nothing on our calendar for today. So, we sipped coffee and read the papers this morning. It felt good to veg out.

Yesterday, before heading out to the wedding, we walked down and surveyed the garden. The tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes are coming along nicely. 

When I checked the blueberries, they were hanging full. The wasn't enough time to pick them so I made a mental note to do that this morning.

While Jilda did a few chores, I took a basket and headed to the berries. You can't get in a hurry while picking blueberries. They play hide-and-seek with the limbs and leaves. I picked about an hour and took over a gallon of blueberries inside.

We'll eat some and start putting bags in the freezer. We can use the frozen berries in the protein shakes we have in the morning. Jilda also tosses some in her pancakes and waffles.  Before the end of the season, she'll make a blueberry pound cake.

We once had casualties here at a party when two people went for the last piece of her blueberry pound cake. Fortunately, the injuries didn't require medical attention and the two people involved began talking to each other again a few months after the altercation :)

NOTE: On Tuesday, my blog friend Dee Ready will do a guest post on my blog. Dee recently published a book, Prayer is Not Enough, about her eight years in a Benedictine convent in the 1960s. 
I enoyed this book. I hope you'll tune in on Tuesday.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Jilda and I attended a wedding today. It was south of Birmingham. The groom is a great-nephew. The wedding and receptions were beautiful affairs. The wedding cake was some of the best we've ever had.

One of the things they did was ask all married couples to go to the dance floor. The MC then told anyone who's only been married a few hours to sit down. Obviously, the bride and groom sat. He then started stepping up in two-year increments. I told Jilda, that we'd be there a while. By the time he got to 44 years, there were only 6 couples (out of a hundred) left. The couple married the longest was a couple married 64 years. They were rock stars.

It was after eight when we got on the Interstate for home. Just outside of Birmingham when we left the city lights behind, we could see the horizon. The sunset left a crimson wash on the western sky.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Hot gig

We played tonight in downtown Jasper. It was a songwriter in the round thing. It was fun but the temps were in the 90s when we started a 7 p.m. By quitting time, I felt like a wilted petunia.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Giving back

Jilda and I fund a scholarship for a high school senior graduating from our old high school. We started in the scholarship 2008, so this year was our 10th anniversary.

The young man that received our first scholarship went on to get his bachelor's degree in music and then to the New York Film Acadamy for his master's in acting. He is a remarkable young man that has made us and his community proud.

This year we had a stack of applications as thick as the Bible. We asked a few simple questions: What are your interests/ hobbies? What do you plan to study in college? What would you consider a dream job, and why? What does success mean to you and why?

We pay close attention to the last question because it's often telling.

The young lady below had an answer that resonated with Jilda and me, She talked about doing work and having an opportunity to give back to the community.

Her answer won her our scholarship.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rust Lilly

Jilda had some physical therapy and some routine tests today. I wrote my column sitting in the waiting room.

I also completed two other long features for the paper today. All together it was almost 5,000 words. My head is a sponge tonight.

I had to look back in the archives for a picture I took last year of a lily. The rusty beauty was one her mother gave her back when Clinton was in the White House.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Flowers in ivy

It's been hot and dry here. We planted the garden this past weekend and we've had to water it almost daily. I was beginning to be concerned until I saw the weather forecast yesterday ago. A tropical depression moving across the Florida Keys was coming into the Gulf. That usually means rain is on the way.

Today, I had early morning interviews and two more after lunch. As I climbed into my truck, I heard thunder in the distance. By the time I got a few miles away, the rain fell so hard that my wipers were sweeping it off, even on high.

About 20 minutes after it started, the clouds raced off to the south. That looked strange to me because the storm is coming from the south, but apparently, the storm is causing swirls and this was one of the swirls.  It's confusing unless you're used to the weird weather.

I did get a chance to get in a short walk and I came upon yellow flowers in a patch of poison ivy.

I kept my distance because I'm allergic to poison ivy, but I did get close enough to snap a photo. They don't look like daisies, but I'm not sure what they are. Your thoughts?

Monday, May 14, 2018


Jilda and I got up before the morning sun rose above the trees to the east. The back was in shade. I'd pressure washed all the grunge off last weekend and allowed a week for the wood to back in the sun.

On Sunday morning it was ready. I'd bought two paint rollers with handles as long as a broom. Before starting, I took the leaf blower out there and blew any leaves, pollen, and dust that had settled onto the surface.

On the edge of the deck was what I thought was a brown butterfly. Jilda said she thought it was a moth. I did some Googling and the closest thing I could find was a Cecropia Moth. This critter was beautiful whatever it is.

I gently picked it up with a sheet of thin cardboard and shifted it from the floor to an azalea on the ground. It waved its wing in thanks.

We made sure work of rolling the water seal onto the deck and were finished before it got too hot.

Check another todo item off the list.

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