Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fun gig

Jilda and I played tonight at Hart & Soul Coffee House in Homewood. It was almost like homecoming because a ton of our friends and family came by to support us. Our friends the Spook House Saints played on the bill took. Our buddy Fred helped us tweak the sound.

It was hard leaving at the end of the evening because some of our friends we rarely see.

We just got home so this will be a short post. Happy Sunday.

Fred and me at Hart & Soul Coffee House

Friday, March 27, 2015

Greening of Alabama

We drove about an hour south today to go to Cosco for some shopping. The landscape was much greener there than it is here.

Most of the trees have leafed out and the cherry trees are in full bloom. It's interesting how different things are the further south one travels.

Here, a few trees are putting on leaves.  The temps will dip down close to freezing tomorrow night and the tender things will fret, but I don't think it will be cold enough to harm them. We'll see.

The blueberry bushes here are in full bloom. I shot a picture, but apparently I moved when I took the picture because it was blurry.

Not to worry, I ran it through the Oil Paining filter in Photoshop and while it's not as stunning as it would have been had it been in focus, it has to do in a pinch.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

It doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

The weatherman says cooler weather is moving in, but I would have known without his forecast, because today when I went outside to lunch on the picnic tables, I could feel it in the wind.

Clouds as grey as ash swept across the sky toward the northeast.  The sun was warm, but you could feel the atmosphere changing.

Thankfully the front moved slowly and there wasn't a lot of moisture in the air.  Together those two things add volatility that can be violent here.

Tonight when I stepped out to dump scraps into the composter, the mercury had dropped 20 degrees and rain had started to fall.  Tomorrow night the temps will drop down near freezing, so I'll be saying a little prayer for the peaches.

I hope you all have a remarkable Friday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The tax man cometh

And speaking of the government, I've spent the day doing my taxes. I don't actually do my taxes, I just take all the information I've collected throughout the year, organized it, and summarized the numbers so that it won't be a pain for my accountant.  I could let him do that work, but he charges by the hour and it would get pricey.

Today was another beautiful day here. I did get outside to stretch and walk in the warm sunshine.

I snapped a picture of this little purple iris (I learned that this is a  hyacinth. Thanks y'all for pointing that out) that started blooming recently. Jilda will call me a Cheater, Cheater, Pants on Fire because she shot a similar picture and posted on her blog, but I couldn't resist...even though I am a copycat.

I hope you all have a remarkable Thursday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One fine day

Today was one fine spring day. Cold weather is moving back in over the weekend, but I can't think about that now.

At lunchtime, I took my soup into the break area to nuke it. Standing there waiting for the microwave to ding, I glanced out the window. The sky was clear as crystal with fluffy blue clouds slowly drifting off to the east.

When I headed back to my desk, I couldn't take the pressure. I had things to do, but the warm sunshine was calling to me and my todo list would have to wait.

With my drink and soup in hand, I stepped out into the courtyard and walked toward the picnic tables. I couldn't believe I was alone. It is AEA here and only the staff is working, but still.

Placing my lunch on the table I sat and absently spooned the soup into my mouth.  After what seems like weeks of rain, the sun was finally out, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

I wish I knew what kind of trees were blooming in the courtyard, but I couldn't put a name with them, but that wasn't required to enjoy being in their presence.

Monday, March 23, 2015

My life long love of wheels ~ my column from Sunday's paper

Creativity is a fickle thing. I go weeks without a decent idea for a column, and then they’re swarming around like mosquitos on a warm summer night.

Last week when I logged onto my computer to write, I was unsure of a topic. Then I
remembered reading it was Peanut Butter Lover’s Month so I was off and running.

I felt smug after finishing that piece and decided to take a long walk to enjoy the sunshine. Before I reached the barn, I had three more killer column ideas. I love it when that happens.

That’s how I came up with the idea to write about wheels. If you’re like my lovely spouse, you’re probably saying, “Huh?” But I’ve loved wheels all my life.

I learned to roller skate not long after learning to walk. When I was younger, there were a couple of skating rinks where we lived. 
Every Saturday afternoon, my mom would take my older sister Mary Lois and me to skate. I thought it was because she loved us, but I came to understand it was to get a few minutes of peace.

I later graduated to bicycles. My first bike was a 26-inch Huffy as red as a barn with what looked like a fuel tank between the two braces that ran from the seat to the front forks. I often clipped playing cards on the forks with clothespins, lapping it over enough so that one edge of the card flapped against the spokes. It sounded like the Huffy had an engine. It was lame I know, but it didn’t take much to amuse me then. The bike brought a sense of freedom. I loved that bike.

Then when I turned 15, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven.  My mom gave me a car on my birthday. It was a 1946 Plymouth Coupe. She didn’t actually buy the car. It came into her possession when my brother couldn’t repay the money he owed her. He borrowed heavily to paint the old car, buy new tires, and moon hubcaps as shiny as silver dollars. 

He was about to move to California to work and couldn’t come up with the cash to repay the loan, so he regretfully gave her the car. 

That was just before my birthday, so she gave it to me. That old car was a peach. It had mohair seats, that smelled like an expensive sweater….not that I knew what an expensive sweater smelled like back then, but later when I did smell one, the memory of how that old car smelled came rushing back.

It also had what looked like an ivory gearshift knob, and a pair of fuzzy dice slung over the rearview mirror that swayed like a hula girl as I drove down the road. 

The cigarette lighter still worked as well as the radio. The face of the dial was cloudy and amber colored from age, but when I’d turn the radio on, it buzzed and crackled until it warmed up. When the tiny red indicator bar crossed WVOK or WSGN on the dial, they came through loud and clear.  

I loved that old car too, but my dad got tired of looking at it while I was serving in the Army and sold it.

Everyone has things in their lives they love, but for me, I’ve always loved the freedom that comes with wheels.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Waiting for spring

This is the hard part. The waiting. When the winter winds blow, you push the thoughts of spring to a place in the back of your mind. You know it will come when its time.

Then the first warm days toward the end of February, are like a promise that spring is not far way.

Then the sun in mid-March, coaxes the anxious buds from their nap, and with a yawn and a stretch, they burst open like Mother Nature's fireworks.

When I see those blossoms, I begin to get antsy, spending time in the shed sharpening hoes and repairing handles, but I know from years of southern experience, that spring is still has a way to go. 

The peaches, blueberries, golden bells, and buttercups, have all bloomed over the last several days, but in viewing historical records, we've had frost here well into April.

It's the waiting these last few weeks for spring to arrive that seems the hardest part for me. 

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