Saturday, August 24, 2019

Old things

I love new things, but there's something about old things. Many of the new things are made/built/assembled by machines. Most of the old things involved sweat.

This is the hulk of the old Dora Library. It was built by local craftsmen during the Great Depression. Civilian Conservation Corps workers excavated rock from the surrounding hills and hollows and hauled them on-site with mule-drawn wagons. 

I was in grammar school the last time I was there. The librarian was an older woman who looked harshly over her glasses if you talked. 

 It fell in disuse in the early 60s when the town moved to the highway. Soon, it was only a fond memory that smelled of old books, and reverberating clicking sounds when people walked from shelves to the checkout desk. 

I always felt as though I was doing something important when I spent time there.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Pretty in pink

The connectivity issue last night wasn't actually the same problem as the night before. On Thursday evening, an auto accident took out a pole which in turn took out our cable.

Last night, we were out of town. I accepted an award for the newspaper where I work. It was an award from the Alabama Main Street organization and it was for promotion work the paper does for the local Main Street effort. I was flattered that the publisher asked Jilda and me to attend the event. And I was amazed at all the work other cities are doing across the state to revive downtown areas.

When we returned to the hotel after the event, I logged onto the WIFI but it would not connect. So that resulted in the post last night.

Duta, who reads my blog made a comment that resonated with me.

We've become so accustomed to conveniences that we get irritated when we don't have them for a while. In the scheme of things, not having internet connectivity is a minor thing.

Duta's comment: It's highly irritating, but it's good to be reminded from time to time that we might be without electricity, without internet, without food, without water. We should, at least, think of various life scenarios, as we live in the times of Climate Change - and this Change is not going to go away.

The picture below has nothing to do with this post. When we walked this evening, I saw this girl flitting from flower to flower. I think she looks pretty in pink.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Still no Internet

We had connectivity for a while alas, it has gone away again. I’m posting this with my phone which is spotty as well.
Maybe tomorrow.

About last night

NOTE: I sat down to write a post on Wednesday evening, but a someone in a truck knocked down a utility pole and tore down the Internet cable. We didn't lose power but the cable was off all night.

Our great-nephew Jordan wasn't feeling well yesterday so he stayed with us. Jilda had an appointment to get her hair cut in Homewood, so Jordan and I did some exploring while she got whacked.

He'd never visited Vulcan. It was only about a mile from the salon so after grabbing a coffee and a hot chocolate at a local coffee house, we headed to Vulcan.

Unfortunately, the park was closed so we took a selfie in the parking lot and he did research on his iPad.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mulberry sky

The paper is doing a series of stories on addiction. My subject is a woman alcoholic who is in recovery. I interviewed her yesterday at her workplace but businesses sometimes get antsy about publicity, no matter how important the story is.

At any rate, she lives not far from the Mulberry Forks so I made an appointment to take pictures this evening there at the boat launch. It was on her way home. The pictures looked great.

After she left, I flopped down the tailgate of my truck and hopped onto the edge of the bed. The sky was beautiful.  I snapped several pictures of the river and the sky.

This is the one I chose to use tonight.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Into the sky

After class tonight, I carried the bag of yoga mats to the car while Jilda said her goodbyes to the students.

When I walked out, the Park & Rec field had manager had switched off the lights on the toy bowl football field casting the lot in momentary darkness.

I think it was serendipity because the darkness highlighted the sky off to the west.  Had the class lasted another few minutes, I would have missed something worthwhile.

Thankfully, I had my big camera in the car. Pulling it out of the protective bag, I snapped on the telephoto lens. It reached out past the parking lot and into the sky.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Shed talk

The sky was cloudless most of the day. We didn't have a lot on our calendars so after our morning walk, I headed to the shed. 

It had gotten to the point to where when I took something down there to store, I would open the door cautiously, toss the item in and then close the door before an avalanche of tools, toys, and junk squashed me like a bug.

The temps were pushing 100 but the shed is in the shade. I would work 30 minutes before heading back inside to cool and hydrate.

By this afternoon, I started seeing real progress. Finishing will take a few more hours, but I'm on a roll.

I came across one old treasure I'd forgotten about. It's an RC cola bottle. I think it was an earlier one because I remember the later ones being different.

We'll hang on to this one.

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