Monday, November 11, 2019


Today was another beautiful day. The weatherman says the temps will plummet after midnight tonight, so I spent most of the afternoon make the chicken habitat comfy for the girls.

I bought a heater and installed it in the coop. Most people say that cold weather doesn't affect them like it does other critters, but I'm not sure how they know. To be on the safe side, I made it a little more cozy for them.

I also did maintenance on the beehives making them ready for colder weather. They have eaten almost 20 pounds of sugar these last few days. When I hefted the back of the hives, they were all heavy which means they should have enough honey to get them through the winter.

Jilda wasn't feeling well this evening, so I taught her Monday night yoga class. One of the newbies asked how much I knew about yoga. I told her that I was a certified yoga instructor...but I'm mostly a substitute for Jilda when she needs me to teach.

Y'all stay warm.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

It's been a good day

We had nothing scheduled for today, which is rare for us. We walked early. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The air was cool, but the sun was warm.

The color gets better with each passing day. I'm guessing the next 10 days will be the best autumn color for Empire.

I snapped this picture on our first lap. I've taken pictures of the dogwood in the lower right part of the picture, but the maple just started showing out.

After our walk, I transplanted blueberry bushes. We now have 21 bushes. In a few years, we'll be able to supply blueberries to the United Kingdom.

We also transplanted a dwarf maple that we've kept in a huge planter for years. When we heaved it out of the pot, it was rootbound. I took an ax and trimmed the lower part of the tree roots. I think I heard it sigh.

This evening, Jilda and I sat on the stone benches blissing out when we heard a commotion behind us. Jordan walked over from his house to check on the chickens. He was carrying a plastic saber and was slaying things I could not see. I kept back until he gave me the ALL CLEAR.

Tonight, Jilda made black bean soup with small chunks of ham. I made a pone of my world-famous cornbread.

To say that it's been a good day is an understatement.

Saturday, November 09, 2019


This week has been all about veterans. I attended school events honoring veterans. Today, I attended two Veterans Day ceremonies for the paper.

This one was the dedication for a new memorial built this year. In fact, workers placed that last stones this week.

The picture below is the reflection of a Vietnam veteran looking at the monument.

I'm running out of steam tonight and chances are good I will retire early tonight to try and catch up with some sleep.

Late night

We had a gig tonight. Most of our gigs are an hour to 90 minutes, but our friends who were supposed to play with us came down with the crud that's going around.

We asked another friend who plays harmonica to join us. It was an impromptu show and we didn't songs we hadn't planned to do but I think we did well.

We just got home and my bones are weary and my chording fingers are aching but it's a good ache.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Ol' rainy day

Today has been dreary. Even before rain moved in the sky looked forlorn. The radar showed rain to the south so we swilled the coffee and shoe'd up for our daily walk.

The terrain looked uninteresting so I left the phone in my pocket.

Once through, I fed the chickens and we headed to the store to pick up necessities.

While Jilda put up groceries, I took my laptop to the side porch. It's enclosed now and with the small heater we have there to keep the plants healthy, it's toasty.

I turned on the ceiling fan and opened the screen door. Soon, it was perfect writing weather.  I knocked out a story and my Sunday column before lunch.

The rain moved in while we napped.

This evening, we practiced for two hours. We have a gig tomorrow night at Twisted Barley microbrewery. It's the first time we've played there and we're excited.

Tonight, as I type this the tips of the fingers on my left hand are tender. The left hand is the one that presses the strings on the fretboard to make chords...but my blog buddy Joe already knew this because he's a picker too.

It's been a good ol' rainy day.

Since I didn't have a pic today, I pulled one that I took the last day of September.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Nice day

It warmed up some today. It was still long-sleeve weather, but gloves and toboggans still a ways off.  I'd taken a picture of this dogwood a few weeks ago as the leaves began to turn. Today, the color was more vivid.

We walked the long path today, and it takes us by this dogwood and onto the wooded part of the property. The winding path down one side of the hollow and up the other can be treacherous this time of year with a carpet of leaves. Under the leaves are hickory nuts and acorns.

Stepping on one of these turns boots into roller skates. I've busted mister buns more times than one. Today's walk was invigorating.

When I walked by the beehives, the morning sun was highlighting the fronts of all four hives, and the bees were abuzz. They are tanking up for the impending winter.

In the last four days, they've gone through 15 pounds of sugar water. They are trying to make enough food to survive the winter. When I lifted the backs of each hive, they are all heavy, so I think they will be fine, but explaining that to a bee is tough.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Veterans Day ceremony

My great-niece Joy is in the second grade. A few weeks ago I got a letter from her inviting me to a veterans ceremony at her school today. 

I showed up at the appointed time and I was amazed by the program they'd put together to honor local veterans.

Towards the end of the program, they asked all veterans to come front and be recognized. 

All the kids who had invited veterans made medals from construction paper and wrote notes on the back. 

When Joy came up, hung the medal she'd made around my neck and stood in front of me, I choked up. I leaned over and kissed her on the top of her head. She giggled.

The gesture had the same effect on the veterans standing on either side of me.

Her dad snapped a picture of her sitting in my lap. A moment before he snapped the picture, I goosed her ribs. She loves it when I do that.

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