Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cold Rainy Day

It's been a cold rainy day here in Empire, Alabama. When I walked
the dogs just after morning coffee, the sun was out but the wind out of the northwest was chilly.
The dogs love this weather. When we started out they chased each other around in the back yard before jockeying for position at the back gate. When I open the gate, they are like greyhounds except they run in every direction.
I took my iPhone in case I saw something interesting. I have jumped deer and other critters on my walks, but today, I just saw the sun and the sky with some autumn leaves.
Shortly after this was taken, the rain clouds returned and what felt like small flecks of sleet fell on my face. I'm guessing it was rain, but
it felt cold enough to be sleet.
Tonight we are playing at Berkley Bob's Coffee Shop in Cullman. It is a delightful place to hunker down and spend a few hours enjoying good food, great coffee, and a relaxing atmosphere.\
Here is the address of Berkley Bob's:
304 1st Ave SE #1
Cullman, Al 35055

Get Directions
(256) 775-2944
* approximate times

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