Friday, November 21, 2008

Self Promotion

Me and Ol' Buddy set out today peddling books. I got a hit on my first stop. Our old friend Deb who owns Deb & Co gift shop on the Jasper Mall bought ten for her store. I also dropped off a few at Ken Glover's Pharmacy & Gift Shop in Dora.
I understood that I've got to do some point-of-purchase graphics or else the books will simply lay on a counter. Also, I realized I need to make is simple for people to reorder. I don't want them looking for my number so I had an idea.
I'm going to use 8x10 Plexiglas frames with this graphic (I'm open to suggestion here) and on the back of the frame, will be a business card with reorder information.
So far, I have lined up stories in 280 Living, and a story in The Daily Mountain Eagle. I plan to approach The Birmingham News and Black & White, which is a great Arts paper in Birmingham. A good review or mention in either of these would be huge.
What would really be good is a great review by the New York Times so if any of my blog buddies have any insight as to how I could make this happen, please advise.
Also, any advice, experience, or opinion on the best ways to self promote would be greatly appreciated.
My spouse has a knack for marketing and I've already adopted a bunch of her ideas. I also have a copy of Gorilla Marketing which has some excellent information of self promotion. So far it has been fun. I'll keep you posted and hopefully not bore you too much.
I'll get back to my old style of blog writing soon. Please bare with me in the meantime.

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