Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why is it that?

Google has evolved. Not sure if you've noticed it or not but it's kind of scary. I'll start typing in a search term and all of a sudden a drop-down box appears with suggestions for things you may be thinking about. How weird is that? I know it comes in handy, but try this the next time you are online: Click on Google then type in - Why is it that and watch what comes up.
Just for curiosity, I typed in "What if men" and the two suggestions I got were:
What if men menstruated (the number out to the side was 431,000_ The second suggestion I got was
What if men had babies (82,000,000)
Those numbers to the side are the results you would get if you selected either one of those terms.
That means that there are 82,000,000 entries on the world wide web that will give you some type of information about what would happen if men had babies.
I am officially fascinated. I suggest you play with this and report your findings back to me.
This is homework and you will be graded.

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