Life Goes On,                 Here's the thing... 

Special Limited one-time offer on Remembering Big

I got a special deal from my printer and I can sell a limited number of autographed copies of this book for $5.00 which includes shipping. Click the button below to order your copy. Be sure to include the name you'd like the book signed to.

Click this Paypal link to buy the book.

Life Changes is Rick Watson's third book. Like Remembering Big, and Life Happens, it's a collections of short essays that first appeared as columns in newspapers across Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

Life Changes, now available. Click this PayPal Link  for a signed copy.

Life Happens is available in paperback and eBook from

If you'd like an autographed copy, visit this PayPal Link.

Remembering Big now available on Kindle, and Nook. It will be available soon on all major eBook providers.

If you'd like an autographed copy, click this PayPal Link.

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