Monday, November 24, 2008


When I turned off the Interstate this evening and headed out through the country, toward home I drove into a cloud bank of fog that was as thick as gauze. We live just close enough to the Mulberry River to get the premium fog. It turned the last fifteen minutes of my drive home into about thirty minutes.
Our family had a small cabin down on the Warrior River and I've spent a many of foggy Saturday nights down there. Once the fog settled in, you could not drive out for any reason. There were several narrow wooden bridges without guard rails which made driving in fog treacherous.
What was even worse than trying to drive in fog is trying to navigate a boat through fog. You can't see any landmarks so you think you're headed in the right direction and you wind up back where you started. It really messes with your mind.
It's amazing how much you depend on your vision. This reminds me of a joke I heard once -
Stevie Wonder challenged Tiger Woods to a round of golf. The loser had to buy the winner a new Learjet. Knowing that Stevie was blind, Tiger tried without success to dissuade him from the challenge. Stevie would have none of it and persisted. Tiger finally relented and said OK, you pick the time. Stevie said, GREAT! let's play tonight at midnight.

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