Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bad Decision

I wussed out last night because the entire side of my head was aching. I had four root canals yesterday afternoon.
I've had the procedure a number of times, but never that many at once. The dentist gave me the option of doing a couple at a time but I told her I had a high threshold to pain.
I'm not sure if it was bravado or sheer stupidity, but I told her to do it all. She raised an eyebrow as if to say, are you sure? "Yes, let's do 'em up." She did.
When the Novocain wore off last night, I felt like someone had cold-cocked me with a cinder block.
It felt a little better today, but I still would not have won a race.
I plan to slam down a few over the counter pain meds and hit the hay shortly.
Have a great Wednesday.

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