Sunday, November 22, 2009


I got some much needed rest last night. Thankfully I only got one page and it was fairly early. This morning after coffee, we pulled on our walking sweats, jackets, and hats. There was a breeze out of the northwest that was downright chilly.
The walk was invigorating. The dogs were ecstatic! This is dog-walking weather. When we let Astro out, he tore through the gate like a thoroughbred horse and I'm not sure he's stopped running yet.
We have a huge fenced-in area and they get plenty of exercise, but the joy of running, for him, can only be experienced in wide open spaces.
We had lunch with Jilda's sister Pat. She did early Thanksgiving Dinner so that all her kids and grandkids could come at the same time. Those Phillips girls sure can cook. I'm not sure that better turkey & dressing exists on the planet.
It's almost time to practice. Jilda and I have a few gigs coming up early in December and we want to be primed. I'll post specifics later.
Have a great Sunday evening.

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