Saturday, November 28, 2009


I signed books in the mall today and Jilda went with me for moral support. What was encouraging is that there were a lot of shoppers today and they are were bearing packages which means they were buying. That was good news.
I sold some books, visited with old friends and made a bunch of new friends. I had several people who brought books they had previously purchased and asked me to sign them.
I sent a book to the Birmingham News book reviewer recently and she sent me a note this past week that it was at the top of her list for the holidays. I think a good review (hopefully it will be a good review) should be boost for sales in town.
We'll see how that goes. But tonight, both Jilda and I are whupped. We are about to put a movie in the player, make some hot chocolate and veg out.
Have a great Saturday evening.

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