Sunday, November 01, 2009

Busy Day

It's been a long day for the Watson's. We had to be at the TV station at 7:30 this morning but of course the time change last night had our internal and external clocks messed up. I spent the first hour resetting watches, closed, coffee pots, microwaves, and stoves.
We sang a few songs on live TV and spent time talking about my book and the books of our friend Edie Hand. Our new friends Charlie and Yvonne Watts have a show called Coffee Time on Sunday mornings. It was a hoot.
We had a book signing gig at the mall this afternoon and we spent several hours getting ready for that and then talking up all the folks that dropped by. Charlie came by and helped with the promotion.
After the event at the mall we drove back to Sumiton to see my mom for a few minutes and then went to the funeral home. Some friends lost a loved one and we went by to pay our respects.
At the funeral home, a ton of people came up to Jilda and I saying they saw us on Coffee Time.
I wasn't sure how many people got up that early on Sunday morning, but apparent, a lot of people do.
Anyhow, tonight we are both whupped and it's just 8 p.m. Someday, someone has to explain the value of Daylight Savings Time to me.
I saw a Native American quote that said: "Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it on the bottom and have a longer blanket."

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  1. Thankfully, the people of Arizona saw the folly of Daylight Savings Time and rejected the whole idea. We wish the rest of the country would fall in line with us.


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