Thursday, December 08, 2005

Do Something Remarkable

I got a note from my young friend Will Justice today. He had been so excited because they were going to do a Christmas play at Dora. He had become interested in acting and theatre and was ready to jump in with both feet but he sent me a note last night saying that the play would not happen. I'm not sure if it was a funding issue, a lack of commitment or what, but Will was disappointed.
My advice to Will was that when you depend on others, you are sometimes disappointed. What's important to you might not be a priority for someone else. I suggested that Will get a Black and White art newspaper (printed and distributed in Birmingham) and look through the announcements for plays, skits, and other acting gigs. If nothing worked out with that, to try and start something here. A community theatre would be great! Maybe involve not only the students at Dora, but also Sumiton Christian and Bevill State.
There is one thing I've learned: life is about focus and energy. If you want something you focus on it and put energy into making it happen. I've see people do incredible things, but sometimes you have to make up new rules as you go.
Good luck to you Will. I hope you do something remarkable.

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  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    What good advice you gave Will. I feel sure that he will accomplish what he wishes. Betcha Ross and Carly would like to be actors also. asa faith


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