Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Life Decisions

This is a note about a chicken and some very bad life decisions. I have several neighbors that have chickens. One of the chickens escaped and come to live in my front yard. We have tons of birds in our yard and I'm a live and let live kind of guy so I let him stay yesterday.
I did not feel well yesterday. I had the crud so I decided to work from home. Last night when I went to bed, I felt even more rotten than I did yesterday morning. I was restless and irritable so that's what made Mr. Chicken's first poor life decision so bad. When he started crowing at 2:30 a.m. I thought it was a neighbor calling for help. I sprang up in the bed and wiped the sleep out of my eyes and listened. I thought to myself, could that have been a dream. I had just dozed off when I heard it again and I knew at once that it was the rooster in my front yard. I was madder than a hornet so naturally I put the dogs on that bad bird. The first dog out of the shoot was Astro. He is a Lab, Doberman, Cheetah and Shetland pony mix breed. He is a magnificent animal with muscles like the California Governor. Poor life decision II for Mr. Chicken was that he roosted on a low limb. Astro was out the door like a shot and was at the base of the tree in a heartbeat. I was a pure miracle that the tree had low limbs that slowed Astro's pace just long enough for the Rooster to scramble up several more limbs to safety. I got the dogs back in the house and I haven't heard another peep out of the bird.
You may ask what this little story was titled Life Decisions has to do with me....well, it's because we are faced with Life Decisions almost every day: should I bother going to night school to improve my skills...should I look for a job where I would be more happy.....should I visit my mom on her birthday or miss a great opportunity to go to the beach? Life is about choices so try to make choices that help you to become a better person; a better husband; a better son. There are just a few things in life that make the most difference, some of which are your education, your relationships, your attitude, and your health. There is one thing I would recommend that I think is key....never roost on a low limb.


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    "Never roost on a low limb." I love it! What sound "pun intended" advice for us all. asa faith

  2. Hey Jason, The actual saying is "Scarce as hen's teeth." They don't have teeth, but neither do roosters. They have hard beaks. They eat seed, worms, bug, grasshoppers, and any other critter they can get their beaks on.
    I used to have chickens myself, but they were eaten by possums which do in fact have teeth.


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