Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Power of Now

I've been reading a book called "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. It's not lite reading. I'm not sure even what made me buy it several months ago. I loaded it on my MP3 player a recently and what I've heard has been fascinating.
What I've learned is this: you do not exist except in the "Now". The past is a thread to what you experienced in the past - one moment at a time. The future is a "now moment" yet to be experienced. All you have is Now. You cannot go back and change the past nor can you go forward and change the future. All you have is Now.The author suggests ways to get to "Now" by using meditation and other techniques and by doing so, filter the chatter of the mind. I've experimented with the techniques and have had some success though it is not easy, it has been rewarding.Yesterday I went for a walk to get my daily exercise. I focused on my breathing and my steps. Each time my mind tried to wander to something I need to do, or something I should have done, I forced it back to the task at hand...which was walking. I struggled at first, but then my mind acquiesced and allowed me to focus on walking. Somehow the sky seemed bluer and the clouds appeared to be 3-D rather than the flat uninteresting picture you get with a cursory glance. I saw birds scurrying through bushes and trees and heard them more clearly than ever before. I also jumped a herd of deer and I stood for a long time as they scampered out of sight. It all appeared like a movie unfolding just for me. All this and no drugs were involved. Deep down I already knew that it is better to focus on the now. I've heard the saying "where ever you go, be there." This is really important because you cannot fully appreciate your family, your friends, or your surroundings if you are constantly bombarded with memory reruns from your mind. So, it is my intention to spend more time in the "Now." I'll give updates as to my progress.

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