Friday, December 02, 2005

Dora High School Alumni Blog

The Bulldog Blog is a new feature for the alumni website. I'll be posting entries from time to time.
It was cool this morning here in Empire, Alabama. I cranked up the fireplace as we drank our morning coffee. Squirrils scampered around in the yard in search of the birdseed we put out each day.
Thanks to Will Justice, a student at Dora, for shooting a photo of this years Mr. & Miss Bulldog. I thought the picture was really good. My hope is that I can get others to start submitting pictures and announcements. It is hard keeping the content fresh by one's self.
If you have a new addition to your family: a new child or grandchild, a new pet, or a new car please shoot a photo to me and let's post it.
Stay warm.

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