Monday, December 26, 2005

Getting Ready for the New Year

I've always enjoyed the week before New Year. I have done goals for as long as I remember. I don't really do resolutions, but I do take the time to refocus on the coming year and think about the things I want to accomplish. In life, there are many things to do and if you don't have goals and priorities, the things you do will fill up the time you have. As Jim Rohn says, "most people spend major time on minor things." What I think he means is that people fill up their lives chasing after things that won't make them happy, or move them any closer to their goals. I've heard people proudly say "I don't have goals." I could never be proud of the fact that I don't have goals. Not having goals is like cruising on a ship without a rudder. You'll end up somewhere, but it might not be where you want to go. Major time on minor things.....many self-help coaches feel that only a few areas in your life make the most difference. Your health - without your health, you cannot enjoy the bounties of life. You can have all the money in the world but if you are sick, you cannot enjoy it. Relationships - again, you can be very successful, but if you have a poor relationship with your family, your friends, God or the community, there will be something missing in your life. Finances - Money is not everything, but if you have enough money you can enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. Having money is not at the top of my list, but it's on my list. Education - Every day is a school day. Many people feel that when they walk out of high school with their diploma that their "learnin' days are over." I'm here to tell you that my education started when I left school. I read a short article in Science of Mind which is a magazine on spirituality and life, but it talks about "Going to the Movies" each morning. The author said that he started in college writing scripts for movies that he constantly played in his mind. At first his movies were of him walking out of class with a perfect score on his Calculus test. Then the movies involved other goals and activities that he wanted to get done....finding the perfect mate, landing a great job, building a dream home etc. He says that the outcome is not instantaneous but for the most part, all his movies have come to fruition. So this week, I'm working on my own movie scripts. I hope you go to the movies this next year too.

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