Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fifty Five and Counting

On the eve of my 55 birthday I’ve had some time to ponder. It seems like yesterday I was graduating from Dora High School with the world by the tail. I’ve lived a blessed life as I have said before, but life will slip through your hands like a wet catfish......often unnoticed. But I’ve worked to keep that to a minimum by journaling. I have my computer remind me weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to go back and read what I have written so that I can relive the highlights of my life. By keeping a journal, I keep those precious memories fresh and not let them fall victim to the goo that settles in the cracks and crevices of my brain only to be covered by mental crap that deluges us all each day.
Looking back, I would not change a great deal even if I could. I think I would have tried to plan a little better for the phase of life on which I am about to embark. I think I would have started keeping a journal earlier and I think I would have taken better care of my knees.
All in all, I feel good about this birthday. I’m a little over weight, but I walk regularly, do Yoga, and eat fairly well. I’ve tried to do my family and friends right, though It’s very possible I have fallen short at times. I am also excited about my life. I’m doing things I really love doing and traveling now and then which is always a pleasure.
It is my goal to retire from my day job within four years. With a little luck and the help of a good publisher or with any luck with our songwriting it will be much sooner.
Once retired, it is my intention to continue to write, except I want to write some from exotic places. I want to continue playing music, but play for “my people”.
I want to learn to dance. I intend to live large.

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