Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Habits are strange things. Everybody has them. Some habits are bad....Smoking and excessive drinking or gambling are considered by some to be bad habits. It's not my intention to pass judgment only to make an observation. Habits are something you do without thinking. You can have good habits and then without warning or written consent BAM you fall into a bad habit. Instead of practicing guitar, writing in your journal or taking a walk, you're sitting on your couch drinking beer and eating Doritos. I know sitting in front of the boobtube can be relaxing, but if you do it too much, it'll make you butt get big. Now this is information you won't get in any book nor will many of your friends impart that information but take it from me, it's the truth.
The thing about a bad habit is you can do it for a while and nobody notices. You won't get big over night, you will not lose that promotion, or break up a marriage but if you continue bad habits over an extended period of time, it will take its toll. Jim Rohn who is a great self help writer and speaker says that bad habits repeated year after year can spell disaster.
I used to think that homework was only done while you were in school but homework is a metaphor for going the extra mile no matter what you are attempting to do.
When I was in school, there were kids that had a habit of always doing their homework. They went to the library and checked out books that weren't even assigned. These kids were almost always chastised by the "hip kids." "Whatcha doing reading all them books nerd," and they all had a big laugh at the conscientious kid's expense.
Do you know what the "hip kids" say the conscientious kids later in life????? "Hey dude, you want fries with this order?" As the "hip kid" watches the nerd drive off in the BMW it occurrs to him...."dang, I wish I had done my homework."
How do you form good habits? Simply put, you do it until you don't have to think about it. If you are out of shape start walking every morning before breakfast. After a few weeks, you'll feel out of sorts if you DON'T walk before breakfast.
For most people there are only a few areas in life that make the most difference; their relationship with family and friends, their health, finances, education and vocation. I truly believe that if you do your homework and form good habits in all these areas you stand a really good chance of living a good life.

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