Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Eve

My friend Don owns a train. I’m not talking about a model train but a sure enough train. We spent New Years Eve with him and several of our friends last night. He has the baggage car fitted with a commercial kitchen and it is decorated with flowers, antiques and other beautiful things. Don worked for the railroad for many years. He followed in his father’s footstep who was also a railroad man. Don quit his job several years ago, but he didn’t stop loving trains so he started buying train cars. Not only does he have a baggage car, but he also has a passenger care, a sleeper car and passenger train engine and a caboose. All are either restored or are in the process of being restored. His wife who runs a Wedding Chapel business on Green Top Hill uses the train for wedding parties.
At last nights’ party, we all gathered in the passenger car and ate, talked and played music. Don not only owns the train but is a great piano player and knows every old song that has ever been written. I took my guitar and together we played and the other guests sang along. It was a great way to bring the New Year in.
Today I’m putting together the finalized plan for the coming year. I’ve spent the last several days gathering information and brain storming about the kinds of things I want to accomplish. Now all that is left is put the finishing touches on my plan, put measures in place to keep a check on my progress and execute.
I’m excited about the coming year. I hope you are too. Be sure to eat your greens and black eyed peas so that you’ll have plenty of money this year.

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