Saturday, January 07, 2006


I woke up thinking about Sedona this morning. We went there for our anniversary in May of 2004. When we left Birmingham the temperature was a little bit cool for that time of year, but when we landed in Phoenix it was a different story. We got there just after lunch and it was hotter than the hinges of hell.We picked up our rental and opened our trusty road Atlas and headed north to Sedona. Just outside Phoenix, we started seeing these big honkin saguaro cacti (that cactuses for us here in Alabama) the terrain started a gentle upward slope. Things were dry when we were there but shortly after leaving the desert around Phoenix, the temps started moderating and the scenery started changing. You know you are approaching Sedona because the colors change and the contrast between the vibrant blue sky, snow white puffy clouds and the brown colored rocks which jut up skyward like rusty skyscrapers.
There are many areas suitable for hiking which puts you up close and awestruck to these natural wonders. Jilda and I took water, snacks and the camera on a hike to Cathedral Rock, shown so often in movies and photographs. What struck me was the feeling of peace that came over me. It was a very moving experience.
There are many that say the area contains vortexes similar to the ones associated with the Bermuda Triangle. It can be described in many ways: an area of increased energy, power, and some think it is magnetism. Some think it improves psychic ability and our ability to heal. Some think it’s a bunch of New Age Hooey practiced by potheads from the 60’s and those who took one too many trips on electric koolade.
I didn’t feel any additional psychic powers (I was keen on receiving the Powerball Lottery numbers for the drawing on Saturday night), but I did feel a peace and a sense of reverence I had never experienced before.
We had the good fortune to get a cabin at Canyon Wren. It’s in a small area just north of Sedona on a small creek. The cabin was for two people with a small living area and a bedroom upstairs. The deck looked out over the creek and the back yard was full of all kinds of birds and wildlife. It was peaceful. The owners were Mike and Molina who were very good hosts. They had breakfast ready early in the morning and they sat around with us drinking coffee and describing places we might want to visit.
We visited Jerome which is an old mining town turned artist community. We walked and toured, and ate, and photographed, and talked to the locals. I was amazed at what you can do if you put enough imagination and energy into a place.
We also went to the Grand Canyon. I won’t even try to describe the canyon because words and photographs can’t even come close to bringing that scenic wonder to life.
I love to travel because it presents so many new perspectives. Unlike some of my friends that can always find fault with the places they visit, we always meet interesting people, see interesting things, and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
I can’t wait for our next vacation.

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