Friday, January 13, 2006

Self Discipline

I wanted to blow off the BLOG today and start fresh tomorrow, but I decided against it. We went out of town yesterday and had a late night so my mind feels like a marshmallow that lingered too long near the fire. But I wrote here when I first started that I wanted to do updates daily and so far, even though my day job interferes with my creativity, I have been faithful to the promise to myself and to you.
Self discipline is a valuable thing. I’m listening to River of Doubt about former president Teddy Roosevelt and he was a poster child for self discipline. Once he had a direction and a goal, he never let up even under extreme personal tragedy and hardship.
Strong self discipline will make you stick to an eating regimen when you set a goal to lose weight. It will keep you from smoking even after years of using nicotine. It will keep you practicing free throws, kicking field goals, running in the rain or practicing guitar even when those around you are questioning your sanity. It will make you study for an important examination even when peers are out having the time of their lives. It is important that you know yourself and know where you are going and to know when you have arrived.
Of all the things that contribute to a successful and healthy life, a strong self discipline is one characteristic that will help you get to where you want to go.
I want to be a writer and writing this BLOG is like practicing free will help me learn the tools, techniques, and the creative aspects of writing. I don't think you are born with self discipline, it's a behavior you adopt and every day is a new chance to test your resolve.

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