Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dinner Bell

I called on the way home from work this evening to ask Jilda if I needed to pick something up for supper. She cooks every evening so I thought she might want a break from rattling those pots and pans. She said she already had supper on the stove. She was cooking up greens, peas, sweet potatoes and cornbread.
The rain started up again this evening when I topped York Mountain and by the time I headed down this side I had to bump my wipers up to keep up with the falling rain. I got wet hauling stuff in from my truck and I felt a little bit chilled. I guess it's my age because I rarely got cold when I was younger.
Anyhow, when I opened the door, the smell of baking bread and the other stuff was intoxicating.
I know that most families do good to get a good home-cooked meal once or twice a week. I feel sorry for those folks.
I have to run now, I hear the dinner bell ringing.

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