Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Day to be Alive

We came home this afternoon from our overnight stay. The sun was out and the rain clouds had moved off to the east leaving a beautiful day int its wake.
The angle of the light, and cool air made me thing of San Francisco. On the interstate, we rolled our windows down and opened the sunroof for a while. The autumn leaves were stunning in places.
It put in mind the song made popular by Travis Tritt, "Great Day to be Alive".
This evening when we arrived home, we rounded the dogs up and took them for a walk.
All of our dogs are getting fairly old, but this kind of weather makes them all feel like pups and the ran wild.
Our oldest dog Blackie which is a huge Lab mix ran out in front of us about fifteen yards and then fell to the ground and rolled in a pile of poplar leaves that I'd raked up.
If the ground had not still been wet from the rain yesterday, I would have rolled in the leaves with him.
Have a great Saturday evening.

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