Saturday, October 24, 2009

They Found a Way

OK, I'm hoarse now after watching the Alabama-Tennessee game. The Tide led the entire game but Tennessee got a touchdown with a couple minutes left and then recovered an onside kick.
Tarrance Cody blocked his second field goal of the game to seal an Alabama victory.
My heart was pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
In the end, they found a way to win. That's what great teams do. They find a way to win. I am so proud of our guys.
The thing I have noticed about Alabama since Nick Sabin arrived is the confidence level and discipline of the team. There's not a lot of showboating, they just make plays. I think coach Sabin works as hard on the mental game as the physical.
I think that, in the long run, is the difference between a good team and a great one.

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