Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

When my feet touched the floor this morning, I had a shiver that started with my toes and it worked its way slowly up my spine. I cranked up the old fireplace and then fixed a pot of coffee.
Our little deer was already up and munching on an apple down in the garden.
I let our dog Taylor in and she scooted over as close to the fireplace as she could get and laid down to take a nap. She's getting old and her joints seem to bother her so I guess the heat make them feel better.
A short time later I noticed a strange light filtering through the trees. I stepped to the back door to have a better look and realized it was sunlight. My heart rejoiced.
After we read the morning paper we headed up to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and you could see color in the oak and hickory leaves. In a few weeks, the color here will be spectacular.
When I got back home, I swept the leaves off the back deck and then sat for a long while and let the sun warm my face. It felt good to be alive.

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