Monday, February 07, 2011

Looking Forward to Spring

The wind blew straight out of the northwest today and by this evening, the air was cold as a Popsicle. After yoga tonight, the American flag that hangs at the community center looked as if it had been starched and pressed as flat as a poster. The keeper chain made a clanging sound like hot water running through cold radiator pipes.
This has been the coldest fall and winter I can remember. Of course, I sometimes forget where I park my car when I go to the grocery store, but that's another story. I think I'd remember weather this cold.
I know this, I long to see the sun high and warm in the sky. When the weather moderates, my carpenter and I are going to do some repair work on the barn. The barn is as old as the hills too, but there's work that should have been done years ago, but I simply didn't have the time.  It needs a few sills replaced and some of the outer siding.  It looks rough right now, but I think three days of warm weather will put it right again.
I wouldn't dare wish a moment of my life away, but I can say without hesitation, that I'm looking forward to spring.


  1. old barns, i'd imagine are the best barns. i guess if you can get the structure to be safe, the better. I have a friend who had a wood stove in a hay barn in Washington and he got a lot of car work in that you just could not do when there is snow and cold out. It felt good to be in there when the stove was burning. Like being outdoors and indoors at the same time.

  2. Spring is almost here! I could eat my sandwich outside at lunch time yesterday, though it was chilly. Best of luck with that barn!

  3. Roll on spring!!

    I look forward to your story of when you forgot where you parked your car when out shopping! Take care

  4. I'll second that motion! Too cold for the south.

  5. I think we've skipped spring out here in California and that doesn't make me happy. Yet, there's something to be said for walking on the beach in February.

    BTW I love old barns. There's a texture about them that tugs at my heart.


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