Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Neighbor's Dog

We set out on our walk early this morning because we both had things to do today. Our dogs are always excited, but lately our neighbor's collie has been hanging around our house.
I'm sure it's because we spend a lot of time outside when the weather is good and we pet him like he was one of ours.
The lady has come for him time and again, but the moment we we start our walk, and he hears the excitement of our dogs, he runs as fast as he can to join us.
He's still a puppy although he's as tall as any of our grown dogs. Today on a whim, I picked up a stick and tossed it ahead. He charged after it, wheeled around, picked it up in a dead run, and dropped it at my feet. 
I've tried for years to get any of our dogs to fetch and they all look at the stick, then look at me as if to say - huh?
As we came back by the creative space, we sat on the porch for a while admiring the day. A moment later, our neighbor's dog was resting peacefully, awaiting the next leg of the walk.
I don't mind him walking with us. He is a delightful creature. Our dogs are getting used to him now.  One day our neighbor may get tired of coming for him and let him stay. 
I think he'd fit in well with our canine crew.


  1. It's a beautiful dog!

  2. A lovely dog - clearly talented too :)

  3. Oh wow!!! I always say animals choose their humans and never the other way round. I truly believe that. I think this gorgeous beauty has spoken! :-)

    Take care

  4. Beautiful dog. We have a border collie and a blue heeler. The heeler loves to play ball and frisbee. The border collie could care less.

  5. Aw how sweet. He is a gorgeous dog. Sounds like he is right at home with the attention he gets from you, your wife and your dogs. He might not get that sort of attention at home. We all need friends.

    I love that he enjoys the walks and playing fetch. My dog will go fetch but then wants to go lay down with whatever I toss.

  6. I have one that visits out at the cabin I have named Cute Puppy, CP for short. Don't know his real name, but he enjoys the attention and of course some treats if I have any. I keep a sack for him now.Sometimes a dog will mimic others so perhaps yours will learn to fetch.

  7. I had a collie and he was a big dog. Absolutely loveable but they do need their space to walk and run. Perhaps they why he loves being around you. He gets his exercise. Other than the dog hair, that dog was a part of the family and especially a companion to Rich when he was getting sicker and dying. I have a special penchant for Collies! Nice post.

  8. Such a beautiful dog! The grass truly must be greener on your side for this sweet dog. You may just end up with a new family member!

    Thanks for your visit, I don't know the Browns that live in Plano.

  9. Now there's a dog with good taste!


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