Monday, February 28, 2011

Plum Spring

What a difference a few days makes. It was chilly when we headed out of town on Friday but the further south we traveled, the warmer it got. By Sunday afternoon, it was pushing 80 degrees. 
On the way home that afternoon, the evening sun turned the white fluffy clouds into pink cotton candy, and they looked low enough to reach up and grab a handful.
I love cotton candy but I haven't had any in years. It reminds me of the state fair. The state fair was a huge deal when I was younger. It came to Birmingham in October. The sights, the sounds, and the aroma of roasting peanuts, popping popcorn, and cotton candy turned the fairway into a kind of sensual heaven. And I always hummed "I'm Sitting, On Top Of The World" whenever I rode the ferris wheel.
Now where was I before detoured down memory lane.....oh yes, what a difference a few days makes.  
When we got home yesterday, our yellow bells, daffodils, and our ornamental plum trees had bloomed out.
I hope our fruit trees wait because I doubt that we've seen the last of the cold weather. 
I have to say though, with cotton-candy clouds and blooming flowers, it looks plum spring.


  1. I wish it was getting warmer here. Lovely little photo!

  2. I love fairs! Oh, how I wish the trees were blooming here too. I'll have to be patient and I'm happy for you.

  3. There are sprinkling of crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils everywhere so despite the cold and rain, I just know spring is slowly but surely creeping up on us!!! Yay!!

    Cotton Candy!! I love cotton candy!! Althought I'd never sing when on a ferris wheel - more like screaming!! Take care

  4. Beautiful blue skies here today...cold as heck, but atleast no rain, sleet or snow! Thanks for the feel of warmth and the hope of Spring!

  5. the last few days here everything has just popped out. the red bud trees all over came into full bloom nearly overnight.

  6. Must be beautiful out there... :) :)
    The winters out here aren't that cold, so spring isn't a really big deal here.. My favourite season, is the monsoon. I just love the rain! :D
    Happy spring to you folks! :) :)

  7. While our trip to FL was not successful, it sure was great to feel 86 degrees and sunshine on us while wearing shorts and sandals. I needed that if even for 2 days.

  8. Yesterday was very springlike. It was cooler last night but today looks like it will be warm enough to swim.


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