Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Again

It's been an odd winter here in Alabama. In the past, we've gone years without any significant snowfall, but  this winter we've had several dustings and one significant snow event.
Yesterday both Jilda and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. I did some interviews and shot some photographs for the paper and Jilda did her yoga therapist duties. Last night after we wrote in our blogs, we both fell asleep on the couch while reading.
Today was our day to babysit for your great nephew Jordan. He usually shows up around 9 a.m. but his fam had early appointments today so he was knocking on our door at 7:30 a.m.
He's been sick this week and very fretful which is rare for him. He felt better today, but he still required a LOT of attention which can be draining. He fell asleep about 11:30.
We had lunch and decided to take a nap ourselves while we had the chance. When I opened my eyes about an hour later, I saw snow falling outside our window.
The nuthatches, cardinals, and doves were in a feeding frenzy pecking at the seed and suet. The finches were battling for prized seats on the feeder and the redheaded woodpecker knocked up one side of our persimmon tree and down the other.
When we flipped on the weather they were saying the roads would be hazardous by late afternoon. I put the kettle on for a cup of hot tea thanked the Good Lord that I wouldn't be one of those stressed out commuters trying to make their way home in the snow.


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Took about twice as long as usual to get home in the BHM area today. It was just rain, but people still managed to run into each other.

  2. There is nothing cozier than being in a warm house on a snowy day and knowing you don't have to go out. Hope your nephew is well soon.

  3. yeah, that's the best thing about being self employed and working at home. not having to go out when the weather is bad.

  4. :) significant snow event is what we have had this week. I would be happy to not ever see snow again!


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