Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Few Days in the Sun

Last week was a gift in the dead of winter. For a few days the sun came out and the rain moved off to the east.  I walked around in short sleeve shirts and spent a great deal of time smiling. The days my carpenter and I worked on the creative space, I worked up a sweat in the afternoons.
But now the clouds have moved in and today the wind-swept rain fell horizontally and the high level winds sounded like a passing jet.
Late this afternoon, I put on my raincoat and went out to give the chickens a snack and put some corn out for the deer. I decided to walk down to the old house and see how it looked in the rain. 
We've put an ancient garden bench and rocking chair down there so I sat for a long while listening to the rain. We put a metal roof on our house, this spring and it sounds great in the rain, but our cottage (as Jilda calls it) has a lot of insulation in the roof so the sound of rainfall is somewhat muted.
That's not the case with the creative space. I think it was built before insulation was invented. As I sat on the porch today, the rain sounded like an untuned tin drum. I recorded a few seconds of audio on my trusty iPhone which you can listen to by clicking here
It's supposed to get really cold here in the next few days and we could have ice and snow by the weekend. 
But I am grateful we had a few days in the sun.


  1. I'd love to listen but I'm at work!!!

    Glad the sun came out for a while!! Hopefully it'll decide to come out more often in the next few days - the weather these past weeks has been really depressing!!

    Enjoy the porch of your creative space! take care

  2. It's been -33 in Wyoming. Crazy weather!


  3. same thing here, a taste of spring for a few days and now wrapped up in the coldest weather of the winter so far.


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