Friday, May 10, 2013

A Berry Good Day

We kept our great nephew Jordan for the first time in several weeks. He was so excited he could barely sleep last night.
He was cranked when he knocked on the door at 7:30 this morning. Our coffee mugs still steaming and half full.
I'll let Jilda tell what all they did today, but at one point, Jordan and I were charged with gathering berries.
We have crimson strawberries that we saw yesterday. We decided not to pick them to let Jordan do it. The berries were still wet with dew.
The blueberries are hanging full, but they are still a few days away from being ripe. I scanned all the bushes but saw none. 
Jordan squatted down for a different viewpoint. He spied a lone berry. "Here's one Aunt Rick," he said excitedly (for some reason he calls me Aunt Rick). 
I was doubtful, but when I stepped over and lifted the upper branches. There, as lonesome as a country song, was our first ripe blueberry of the season. 
Jordan picked it, but wouldn't eat it until he showed it to Jilda. Next week when the berries begin to bear, I can promise you he will be over here every day.


  1. He's adorable. There's nothing quite like a child's enthusiasm and appreciation for the simple world around them.

  2. It sounds awesome to have fresh berries so close at hand... I always love going strawberry picking... I hope to do that this summer;)

  3. What a happy face he has. So darling. My nephew Joe's children call their Uncle Matt's wife Uncle Bunnelle (her name is Genelle). I'm not sure how that started, but Uncle Bunnelle is adorable and is fine with her new name.


  4. He's so cute Aunt Rick! Love it! Our bushes..well, the term "bush" might be a bit exaggerated in our case...atleast have leaves on them and show signs of growing! I'll be 82 when I get a berry off of them and I'll need a little kiddo to come and help pick it! When I was little I used to call our next door neighbors "Mr. Politz ..and I called his wife, "Mr. Politz with the hair".

  5. Sweet post, Rick. Jordan looks very happy. I am sure you all had a great time picking berries.

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