Thursday, May 02, 2013

Bright Spot

I did yoga on the back deck at 6 a.m. this morning. The wind was out of the east, which is unusual for here. The weatherman said to expect rain today, and when I looked at the sky during my postures, thick grey clouds littered the sky like laundry in a teenager's room.
When I finished up, I sat on my mat and breathed. I saw snatches of morning sunlight the color of honey highlighting the pines down in the hollow. I'd left the garden door open and the aroma of coffee called like Homer's sirens.
Jilda was on the couch petting Ol' Buddy. He's not doing well. I fear we'll have to make the hard decision on him over the next few days. Not a happy time at the Watson house.
The bright spot of the day for us was when we walked, we realized that our rhododendron was in full bloom.
The shrub had gone through some trauma during our home renovation a few years back and getting it to live has been touch and go.
I took the sheers and did some major pruning during the winter. It had gotten to the point where were were about to cut it down and plant a new one.
But it began putting on buds and today when we walked, there was a blossom almost as big as a basketball.
The light wasn't good so I photoshopped the picture but hopefully the sun will make another appearance while the shrub is in bloom giving me enough light to make a decent picture.
I hope you all have a remarkable Friday. 


  1. Your bloom pic is good! Ours should be blooming soon. The weather has cooperated nicely this past week. I want to say I hope Buddy will be OK, but I know how it goes so I just wish him and you guys some nice last days together. Have a good weekend.

  2. I'm sorry to read that Buddy isn't doing well and hope, for everyone's sake, you have some good days together. They become a part of us and it's never easy to say goodbye.

  3. Poor ole Buddy. : ( Nice flower. I received your book today. Wrapped in the newspaper. Your column on top. I'm impressed. Would love to write a column like that. You must be proud.
    It reminds me of a column I had once, in a local rag, The East Side Review. I reported on local crime, happening in our part of the city. I loved that column. CRIME TIME Kept me busy.
    I'm sorry your book cost so much to deliver. Appreciate the signature.
    If I'd known, I could have just downloaded it, and read it on the computer.
    Someone informed me after the fact. Watch my blog! A review is in order. Thanks Rick.

  4. I'm sorry about Buddy.


  5. I am sorry about your dog Buddy and the decision you may have to make :/


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