Saturday, May 25, 2013

Early Night

The weather this week has been remarkable. After months of cold, storms, and torrential rains, the clouds decided to move off to the east and menace Georgia.
We finally got grass planted in the back yard after the storms and field line replacement, and the Alabama clay is growing a green beard. It will be a while before it needs a shave, but seeing those patches of green is a welcome sight.
Jilda and I spent most of yesterday in the yard. We worked the garden, the flower beds, and I repaired the riding lawnmower that had developed a steering issue. You could only turn to the right. That's OK if you're cutting in circles, but iffy when you need to cut specific areas of the yard.
Yesterday afternoon I probably smelled like a goat so I came inside to shower. Afterwards I stepped out onto the deck to watch the sunset. Jilda had taken her straw basket and stepped down to the garden to pick blueberries.
The setting sun painted the trees remarkable shades of orange, yellow, and other colors I can't describe. I snapped this picture with my iPhone. She was too far away to get much detail, but when I ran the photograph through my Photoshop filters, I thought the result turned out nicely.
We're having company tomorrow, so we've spent most of the day cleaning the house and yard. Jilda looked at me a few minutes ago when she finished her blog for tonight and said, I'm ready to go to bed. I was too tired to argue. It will be an early night tonight.


  1. Holy Smokies that's a cool shot and a very frame worthy pic...I love how it came out! Your day sounded as busy as ours. Jack had a gazebo to wrestle with and I think he'd rather have a root canal than do that project again! I'm still envious of those blueberries of yours! We have freeze warnings out again for tonight..32 is too chilly for the end of May!

  2. Neat picture! It looks like an impressionist painting.

    Your words paint a lovely picture, too.

  3. The picture you tool looks like a painting; so beautiful Rick;-)

  4. Very pretty results from your photoshopping!

  5. That picture looks very nice!

  6. Wow, your picture looks like a painting!

  7. Great capture, it does look like a beautiful painting. Have a great evening and week ahead!

  8. Lovely capture :)

  9. Extra cool photo!


  10. My favorite time of year! That is a beautiful photo, love the effect!

  11. lovely picture. We tried digging our yard this week end and decided to make boxes and plant on top The ground is hard like rock.Happy Memorial Day Week end!!


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