Friday, May 17, 2013

I guess it take all kinds

An Alabama Power inspector came by yesterday afternoon to check behind the work crews that repaired all the storm damage from March.
I heard him drive up and met him at the door. It's rare that we have unannounced visitors that aren't passing out religious tracts or selling vinyl siding.
He asked me about the work the crews had completed after the storm. I gave him a glowing report. 
I always do this. I've worked on storm damage cleanup crews back in the day when I worked with the phone company. It's grueling work and I feel a kinship to these guys.
They work their butts off to get the lights and phones on, and pencil pushers come by weeks later when the suns out to critique their work. Don't get me started.
But, I digress.
The guy walked up to verify that he was at the right place, and asked if the work had been completed to my satisfaction.
I assured him it was, and I told him that some of his guys actually walked on water.
He scrunched up his nose as if he'd just realized he'd stepped in excrement. He asked, "What's that I smell?"
I did a quick check of my armpits, but remembered I'd taken a shower after a hard afternoon seeding the back yard.  I was confident it wasn't me.
I told him I had spread lime in the back yard earlier in the day to adjust the pH of my soil. He said, "No, it morning glories." 
I put my nose to the sky and got a whiff of jasmine hanging from the arbor at our front door. I started to tell him what he was smelling, but he'd already lost interest.
He asked a few more terse questions and then headed back to the truck. I thought to myself, this guys should retire. He's out in the country, no traffic, no random gunfire, the aroma of jasmine so thick you could spread it on a sandwich, and this guy's acting like he'd rather be in hades shoveling coal for the horny guy.
I guess it takes all kinds.


  1. Some people don't appreciate beauty when it's in front of their eyes... :/

  2. takes all kinds indeed :)

  3. I laughed at sniff your armpits. I need a shower.


  4. Very sad that he couldn't appreciate it! We live a mile down a dirt road, so I know what you mean about those unexpected visitors!


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