Friday, May 31, 2013

Hot on the Left

Over the next several days I'll be doing my favorite quotes. Ordinarily I don't use bad language, so please excuse the one bad word I'm about to use, because there's no other way to say it without it losing its power.
The quote was told to me by my father-in-law Sharky who was a plumber by trade, but he was also a philosopher. He was a Christian and didn't use bad language either, but one time we were talking about a situation in my life that was totally unrelated to plumbing, and he said this:

Hot on the left,
Cold on the right,
And shit rolls downhill

It took me a second to grasp that what he was saying pertained to life in general. There are certain rules in life that you can argue with until you turn blue, but the rules will remain the same.
There's an order to things. 
If you've ever worked in a large corporation, or part of a large organization, and something went south, you probably learned that the mess ALWAYS rolls downhill.

I've used this wisdom all throughout my life and tried to keep things in order. I try to keep my cars maintained, the roof fixed, and my tools sharp. 
I've also tried to be mindful of where I stand at all times, especially when the "stuff starts rolling" because if I find myself downhill, I know for a fact, that my shoes will get messed up.


  1. That quote is really true... sometimes there is an order to things that no amount of trying will change it... I just need to learn to go with it:)

  2. LOL, Rick- Your FIL certainly called that one right. There is an order to all of life-it's just trying to find the path, isn't it? xo Diana

  3. LOL my grandfather always said shit rolls downhill! And it is absolutely true!

  4. This is exactly true Rick.
    Wish our law makers would see and understand this.

  5. So true, will remember this one!

  6. Such a good post, Rick. Thanks!


  7. My husband would love this! I even love this. Was Sharky a man of few words?

  8. First off...Sharky is a nickname that one of the Docs calls me..haha! Your Sharky was a smart man and I love the quote. I've found that sometimes I've had to learn to jump REALLY high to try and avoid the last part!...usually not with much success!

  9. I've never heard of that quote but I heard the one about " when the shit hit the fan" which might be pretty close to it. It's best to keep your distance to avoid the mess. lol...


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