Friday, February 03, 2006

Good Food

One of the best Christmas presents we got this year was a gift certificate for Nikki's Restaurant in Birmingham. We went tonight with Jilda's sister and niece. I know there are some very good restaurants in town, but none that I like better than Nikki's. I look at the menu each time we go and I consider the blackened catfish, trout almandine, and crab cakes, but I always wind up ordering the same things. Nikki's Seafood Platter broiled Greek style....yum.
The food is always cooked to perfection - baked oysters, shrimp and steamed crab claws. The dish also comes with amberjack and some crab cakes.
At one time, I think they made up their salads in advanced and kept them in a refrigerator cause it sometimes had a little freezer burn on the lettuce but not these days. The salads are fresh and crisp. They bring baked potatoes with sour cream and heated butter on the side.
As a bonus, they give you a homemade cinnamon roll as big as a cantaloupe) well maybe not quite that big) that we always save to have with our coffee the next morning. Pat and Jayna sat in the back seats and offered to hold the rolls for us, but we're much too clever to fall for that.
We rode home in silence as no one had the energy to speak. Off in the distance, lightening licked the sky like the tongue of an electric snake.

It will be an early night here at the Watson household, but I’m already looking forward to tomorrow morning when I get a whiff of that orange roll heating in the oven and smell the aroma of fresh ground coffee……Life is Good!

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