Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sick as a Dog

My wife Jilda rarely gets sick. In fact, she's the one that usually takes care of others. We were out of town the night before last and she started feeling bad. By the time we got home yesterday she was sick as a dog. So I've spent the day fetching water, green tea, antibiotics, and ice cream.
The day has been cold and rainy so if you're going to be sick, why not pick a day like today.
I ran down to Sumiton to the local Chinese Restaurant and got bowls of hot and sour soup with some egg rolls and fortune cookies. It's always good at Yi Cuisine, but tonight it was excellent.
I told the lady at the restaurant that my wife was sick and craving their soup and she said "Dere's no-thing like good hot n sour soup when you no feel good." I had to agree. When the food was ready and I paid the bill, she said "you tell wife I want her to feel better soon."
I think the soup did make her feel better.

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