Wednesday, February 15, 2006


It's been a long day today and I've stared at this screen till my eyes are sore but the words are hiding somewhere in my mind. Some days my mind is like a radio with good reception - words, and phrases come to me easily. Other days it's a struggle. The "other" days usually coincide with times when I have either stayed up late the night before or gotten up really early. Today, I was covering for my co-worker in Miami so I got up early.
But I'm really trying to develop discipline and I think sometimes it's not necessarily what you write, but that you write.
My friend and guitar teacher Dan Crary once told me that it is much better to play the guitar 10 minutes every day than to play it for an hour on the weekend. It's the discipline of playing each day.
So, today it's slim pickins' but please come back. I'm sure tomorrow the words won't be playing hide and seek.

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